Choirs of The Pikes Peak Flute Choir

The Pikes Peak Flute Choir large group rehearsing at Graner Music for the first time in 2015.Large Group

Our large group is for flute players of all playing abilities. We play a wide variety of music in large group from classical orchestral music arranged for flute choir to original compositions written specifically for flute choir. From jazz and swing to classical and even modern, we love it all! There is always something for everyone in large group to enjoy playing. Large group utilizes all flutes from tiny piccolo down to subcontrabass flute. Members of The Pikes Peak Flute Choir pay $50 in dues per semester.*

The Pikes Peak Flute Choir small group rehearsal.Small Group

Membership in small group is for advanced flute players and is by audition only. It gives the opportunity to play more challenging music. This group typically learns to play an additional 2 to 3 songs per concert. Small group also utilizes all flutes from tiny piccolo down to subcontrabass flute. All musicians in small group must also play in large group. There are no additional fees to play in small group.*

The Pikes Peak Flute Choir has many low flutes, including the contrabass flute and subcontrabass flute!Low Flute Group

On occasion we have a low flute group instead of small group for a semester. Anyone who wishes to play in the low flute group may do so. For those who've never tried, it is a great opportunity for flute players to learn how to play a "big flute." Our choir owns a few alto flutes and a bass flute so owning your own "big flute" is not a requirement. This choir utilizes alto flute, bass flute, contrabass flute and subcontrabass flute. The subcontrabass flute in our choir is owned by our Resident Composer, Akio Lis, and is the only subcontrabass flute in the state! To learn more about the different types of flutes, visit our educational page.

*Note: The Pikes Peak Flute Choir's Board of Directors can amend membership dues at any time.