Donate to The Pikes Peak Flute Choir!


The Pikes Peak Flute Choir is a non-profit organization [501(c)3]. We survive off donations and the small amount of dues we collect each year from our members. Your money goes to buying new music, paying for rehearsal space, printing concert programs and paying for the use of concert locations among many other things. Your donations to PPFC are tax deductible.


To donate to PPFC, please contact our Treasurer, Nancy, by sending an e-mail to


We're All About that Bass Flute!

The Pikes Peak Flute Choir would like to purchase another bass flute for any of our members to play, but we need your help! Our IndieGogo campaign just ended but we are still accepting donations the "old fashioned way!"


Please send a check made out to The Pikes Peak Flute Choir to:


Akio Lis, c/o The Pikes Peak Flute Chior
P.O. Box 1951
Colorado Springs, CO 80901