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Treese Kjeldsen, Director

Treese Kjeldsen

Head Guest Director

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concert flute, piccolo, alto flute, bass flute, contrabass flute




Treese had just moved to Pine Valley on the Air Force Academy from a school that had no band or music classes. The little beginning band had a recruiting concert for the school, and one of the girls (Becky Rider, still a friend!) got up and played a B flat Major Scale.  Treese was smitten with the flute!  It took awhile for her parents to get a flute for her and get going, but she hasn't put the flute down since.


Treese really wanted to be a band director, and graduated from University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Music Education.  She married Chris and they moved to Portland, OR……where the schools were getting rid of their music and arts programs.   Luckily, Portland was just getting going with a very active flute association, and Treese started volunteering with the Greater Portland Flute Society.  By 1985 there was enough interest to start the Rose City Flute Choir, which became its own non-profit organization under her leadership and is still going strong. Treese’s flutes kept getting bigger, too!   Additionally, Treese had an active flute studio at Beacock's Music in Vancouver; taught at Warner Pacific College, Multnomah Bible School, and Columbia Christian College;  played principal flute with Portland Chamber Orchestra, Oregon Symphonic Band, Portland Musical Theatre and many church, community, and union concerts, groups and shows.


Treese and husband Chris returned to Colorado Springs in 2000 with two kids that Treese was home schooling.  Getting involved with  High Country Home Educators, she finally got to band-direct the home school band for three years!  That led to teaching elementary band at Evangelical Christian Academy for 9 years as well as Colorado Springs Christian School Cottage School general music; and Treese helped Karen Morsch with the Pikes Peak Flute Choir since moving here.  Additional “gigs” here have included principal flute with Village Seven Orchestra, The Little London Winds, and many pit orchestras and weddings.  In the early 2000’s she picked up guitar, mandolin, and mountain dulcimer, performing for 8 years with MandoPhonics Mandolin Orchestra. Her music studio is at Graner Music, where she teaches all levels flutes as well as basic guitar, classical mandolin, ukulele, and mountain dulcimer.  719-641-3420 for lessons!


Over the years, Treese has performed with the National Flute Choir at the National Flute Association’s annual convention in 1988, 1992, 1998, and 2003. When the Pikes Peak Flute Choir was invited to perform at the Albuquerque Convention in 2007, she and Karen were asked to lead a flute choir reading session.  Kids are grown and mostly gone, so Treese is feeling the itch to get back to national convention and connect with some old friends. 



Funny Fluties!

Who is your favorite composer and why?
I'm supposed to say someone classical, but…….John Denver.  His was the voice of my growing up.


Name one thing on your “bucket list.”
Move to the mountains!


What is one other instrument that you would love to learn to play?
I have no idea why, but I have always wanted to learn bagpipes!  My non-Scottish blood gets “a-boiling” every time I hear the skirl o’ the pipes!