Amy Castleberry, Rehearsal Librarian

Amy Castleberry

Rehearsal Librarian

concert flute




Amy has been playing the flute since she was in 5th grade, which is way too long ago to mention.  She originally wanted to play because of a friend and co-worker of her parents.  Her name was Norma and she played the flute beautifully!!!!  Amy has loved the flute since the day she picked it up and has been playing on and off ever since.


Amy has always played for fun and never entered any competitions.  She did take private flute lessons from her piano teacher during High School and enjoyed that immensely, though she will tell you that she never really applied herself as she felt she should. 


Amy entered college on a music scholarship for flute and piccolo, which she later gave up when she decided to change her major from music to Christian Counseling.  She says quote, “I am a terrible singer and really did not want to take vocal classes; not the best decision of my life, but too late to go back now.”


In the past, Amy played in an electric ensemble, which was a fun and different experience for her.  Currently she is also a member of the Pikes Peak New Horizons Band, which she enjoys a great deal as it is so much fun to play with all of the wonderful people in the band and it is also fun to be the “baby” of the group again.  Amy is also a member of the Front Range Alliance Church praise team and does what ever she is asked.  She truly loves to use her instrument in worship, as it is the language of her soul!


Amy is a stay-at-home, home schooling mother of three:  Cayla, Ian and Anika Joy and they are the delights of her life!!!  It is a full time job that she has been given the privilege to enjoy and wouldn’t change it for the world.


As for hobbies and activities go, there are so many things Amy would love to do, but for now most of her time is spent being Mom.  She enjoys photography, art, painting and drawing.  She also quilts, loves the outdoors and enjoys writing.  She is currently working on co-authoring a project with a friend.  Amy considers the flute her main indulgence as time is precious and her husband and kids come first.



Funny Fluties!

What is your guilty pleasure?

I enjoy watching British mysteries after the kids go to bed.  I really just like to watch British TV, but mostly mysteries.


What is one other instrument that you would love to learn to play?

Along the same lines as the guilty pleasure...I have been watching “Midsomer Murders” and they have a clarinetist playing in the opening and also for many of the songs in the show.  It is truly beautiful and makes me want to play the clarinet, but only if I could sound like him!